Veritas Tutors College Application Package:

Your application is the single most important element in the college admissions process.  Each application must be crafted with care to promote the applicant's best features and ensure acceptance.  Let our admissions and writing consulants help you put your best foot forward.  We approach the process with personal attention, interest, and honesty that transcends the page.

Through initial consultation and an assessment of all of your academic and extracurricular achievements, we will help you construct a coherent narrative based on your unique background and accomplishments.  Our writing experts will help you prepare the best possible application, essays, and interviews.  With a focus on getting in as well as getting into yourself, you will enter the ideal college with a self-aware understanding of your goals for the next four years and beyond.

Our standard package includes the following:

* Admissions Consultation, including but not limited to:

o Pre-Admissions Consulting: Quantitative and qualitative evaluation and comprehensive planning

o Assessment of Candidacy: Competitive analysis of each applicant's skills and school preferences

o School Selection: Holistic matching of personal needs to college characteristics

o Essay Development: Brainstorming and planning to help craft a complete personal narrative

o Mock Interview and Feedback: Full interview with written feedback and personalized coaching

o Application Consulting: Crafting of all personal information, activities, and common app variations

o School Choice Consulting: Alignment of admitted schools with an applicant's preferences

o School Communications & Research: Ongoing research into individual admissions offices

o Deferral Letters: Additional follow-up if deferred from early admissions pool

* Essay Development, including but not limited to:

o Common Application Essay Writing: Planning, editing, and writing coaching for all applicable essays

o Supplement completion: Support for all applicable supplemental essays